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The disqualification of Greg Hardy helped his opponent Allen Crowder to win. It means that the first appearance of Greg Hardy ended with his first MMA loss and a lot of controversy because of the illegal knee.

Greg Hardy loses to Allen Crowder because of disqualification

Allen Crowder succeeded to win Greg Hardy due to his disqualification. The first appearance of Greg Hardy ended with a lot of controversy because he was disqualified. He ended up with the first official MMA loss because the referee disqualified him for the illegal knee. You could bet and win with

The first appearance of Greg Hardy: a lot of controversy

Greg Hardy threw the knee as his opponent had 1 knee on the canvas, and it’s considered illegal according to rules. After that, doctors stated that Allen Crowder is unfit to continue, and battle resulted in his victory. It’s obvious that the final sequence will spark a hot debate.

This rule is well-known, but Greg Hardy is still a MMA newcomer because he made a professional debut only a few months ago. He claims that he knows this rule, but he didn’t know that it was what he did. He hopes that people will understand that he didn’t do it purposely.

The UFC president attributed this mistake to Greg Hardy’s inexperience or a rookie mistake. Well, he definitely has something to work on. It’s worth mentioning that most people didn’t expect this fight to end this way. The UFC decided to book and sign Greg Hardy for the co-main event and it also led to controversy.

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