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If you have just started with online casinos, like in the US casino online, you should learn what the best games for a novice to play are so that you can keep the fire of excitement burning for a longer time and avoid feeling down due to massive losses. In today’s guide, you will learn of newbie-friendly games to try out before moving into skills-based card games like blackjack and poker online as well as sports betting games.

[TIP: Start with games that are of pure chance. That’s the first and foremost advice you need to learn before engaging in any online casino games at

Best Casino Games


These are the most popular and must-try casino games for beginners.  Why is that so? Well, they don’t require any skill or effort. In land-based casinos, just slide the bill into the slot and push the button! That’s all and then all you need to do is to wait what luck you have for the spin. Almost the same goes in online slots. Just push a button and let destiny decide. Find out if you won or lost.

Playing slots on web casinos is pressure-free. They’re great way to kill the time, as they don’t put stress on your shoulders. Instead, they make you feeling worry-free because you don’t need any right kind of play as they call it. The reason is that the slots are purely based on chance (or luck). There is no definite strategy to master or skill to improve. Let’s leave those to veteran players that you will eventually become later.

Slots are best for novice who wants to keep the games exciting and fun. After all, there are also bonus rounds in a specific game that wait for you.

Online or offline, slots are made with themes, such as movie and celebrity concepts.

And then offline, there are makers that include immersion gaming effects, like using some surround sound chairs.

Now when you get bored after a couple of tries and you want more winnings, you may want to proceed with the next beginner-friendly game—the online roulette.


Nothing could be more fun than trying what the wheel of fortune has in store for you with online roulettes. Just like playing slots, these games are of pure chance.   That’s the exact same reason roulettes make it to the top five most favorite beginner games in online casinos. Plus, you don’t need to have skills playing it. All you need to do is to place some chips on a specific part of the board where you want to try your luck in. And then, hope for the best that the ball lands to the place you picked.

Note: Remember that putting a chip or two on a number, something called an inside bet is a risky technique, even if it offers the biggest payout, normally 35:1. On the other hand are the outside bets, the broader categories or even/odd numbers. While they have better odds, they don’t pay out as much as inside bets do.

How Can You Choose the Perfect Online Gambling Site?


When it comes to the best odds, this may be the game, usually coming with only 1%+ house edge. And then, you’re only playing vs. the dealer, rather vs. poker pros. In this game, all you need is to look for a number that can beat the dealer’s, but without going beyond 21.

There you have the best games to play casino online if you’re a newbie. Eventually, you can proceed to skill-based online games once you’re comfortable playing to try your luck out in some of the most intimidating ones, as you play casino.

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