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In online rummy, you can play a practice game and cash game. These formats vary from each other in few ways. For instance, in the former, you need no buy-in. But for the latter, you need to pay a small participation fee. These type of card games are hugely popular among gamers for their own reasons. In the post below, we will discuss the benefits of each of these formats. We will also touch upon the facts, reasons as to why you must play a cash game or practice game.

Benefits of Playing a Practice Game

Here is why you must play a practice game:

  1. Free of Cost

There is no charge to access this format of the game. You can play free rummy without worrying about making a deposit in your gaming account. You get practice chips. You can refuel it anytime as these exhausts. There is no limit to the number of times you request a refuel. So, if you plan to play on a website or app only for free, this is the best option.

  1. Great for a Quick Break

If you do not have much time at hand, but need to take a break, then practice games are your buddy. If you drop out of the game in between, there are no penalties. So, when you require some time off to refresh your mind, these games are good to try on. In cash games and tourneys, if you do not complete the game, you lose. Also, there could be penalties for dropping out in between a session.

  1. Best Place to Learn

As practice games are available for all, and have no stakes attached, you can use it in multiple ways. You can know how to play rummy like a pro by playing regularly. When you begin the game, you can be a newbie. But with each passing game, you can learn more tricks and strategies. You understand the mistakes made, and simultaneously better your game-play.

  1. Less Stringent Norms

Though you have to follow all the rummy rules in a practice games, the norms are less stringent. The sessions may not be strictly timed. Any points you lose will not directly impact you as there is no need of a buy-in. The game will give you the real taste of tougher competitions. It will prepare you for cash games and tournaments.

  1. 24 x 7 Play

The rummy online providers offer practice games 24 x 7. So, whenever you login to the platform, even if there is no other format of the game actively available at the moment, you can access a practice game instead. Thus, you can stay in touch with your favourite pastime whenever you want to. You can download the gaming app and play on-the-move or from anywhere.

  1. Meet People of Different Skillset

As practice card games are preferred by every kind of player, you can find amateurs, not-so-skilled, and expert players here. So, you have people of different skillset to compete with. You gradually understand what tougher competition could be like, and what to do next. You also know which tricks to use against certain kind of gamers, and which to avoid.

Benefits of Playing a Cash Game

Here is why you must play a cash game:

  1. High Competition

Cash games are highly competitive. You must participate in these, if you know playing cards properly. This type of Indian Rummy has monetary reward for winners. This is not a round based game. You play just one game, and if you are the winner, you will receive the prize amount. Otherwise, you can enjoy the thrill of playing against proficient players. You must check the terms and conditions of the game before entering. Look for the buy-in amount, how the prize will be distributed, and other rules.

  1. Meet the Experts

Unlike practice games, where you usually find amateurs, the cash games have a greater number of expert players participating in them. This is because of the stakes involved. So those sure about their gaming skills are the ones to enter the competition. But you may also find a few newbies. However, expect the players to have a high level of intellect in the rummy game model. Remember, the higher the stakes go, the greater will be the monetary reward. So, participate after analysing how much stake you are prepared to take on.

  1. Win Rewards

On a rummy app, you get the opportunity to explore genuine cash games and tourneys. These ask for a small buy-in. But the winning amount is much greater. So, if you are prepared to take a chance and maximize earnings, then you must go for it. The monetary prize gets deposited to your gaming profile. Then you can plan to use the reward in different ways.

  1. Spend Time Productively

If you have good amount of time in your hand, then you can invest it in a cash game. You stand a chance of winning reward on every win. So, why not take time off from a regular practice game, and try on a rewarding game instead for a while. If you find it as your cup of tea, then you can play these games often. You can invite others on the platform and have a social circle of players as well.

  1. Switch to Tournaments

Apart from cash games, you can move to tournaments. These are more challenging, as there are 3 rounds. So, winners of round 1 move to round 2 and thereby the game proceeds to the finale. The finale winners are decided by their ranking. The distribution of prize amounts is accordingly. Tourneys are also chosen mostly by proficient players. So, you can expect an ultimate rummyexperience.

  1. Do More with Cash Amount

You can utilize the amount you win in many ways. Firstly, you can keep it in your gaming account itself. Whenever you need to spend on a buy-in to a game, you can use the credits from your gaming profile. Or, you can check out the different stores partnered with the gaming platform. You can use the credits here to purchase merchandise. Otherwise, you can transfer the winnings straight to your bank account.

So Which Type of Rummy Game to Choose?

The type of game you choose to play in rummy, depends on you. Sometimes you may want to play for free and practice, while at other times, you may want to experience a reward-winning game. Both the formats have their own advantages as understood from the above pointers. There is no denying that a practice game and cash game are both unique. They have an equal ability to keep you happy and smiling through the day.

If you are new to card games, then a practice game is great to start with. Gradually as you master the skills, you can go for cash games and tournaments. The Khelplay Rummy is an excellent platform that provides you all the formats of playing cards. You can take benefit of the referral program, invite others, earn bonuses, access weekend and festival day competitions, and do a lot more.

Final Thoughts

As much as practice games are required, so are cash games. Both provide a different thrill. If you are a serious gaming enthusiast, then you would love to play both these formats. So, give these a chance, and decide for self, which one you wish to play more often.

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