Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

My first adulthood has spent both businesses in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, on theater having worked for Tanghalang Pilipino and the Bayanihan Dance Company. When I changed to musical theatre to be together with my sisters, Mary Anne and Nenen, we had been called the”Espina sisters” because there were barely any other sisters who played and went to tour together throughout our period. We had terrific memories up to now, the theater bug hasn’t left me. As a result of some other sisters that stayed busy both on and also off-stage, even and I get to enjoy the perks of getting tickets to watch gala performances for free.

Previously we got to hobnob with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh that time after Miss Saigon opened its doors a couple of years ago and we had been invited back to the cast party. Sorry, but I really like to brag about this instant! Mary Anne flew straight back in Dubai where she performed with the touring band of the Phantom of the Opera and only played with the piano to get these others for over a decade. So with six sisters at the city – Inday Anne May and me we chose to forego with watch Cats gtrbet and supper bonding rather 43, later we had been provided very nice-priced orchestra tickets. I’ve never noticed Cats on point but have the potential to memorize nearly every song because of musical.

Perspective With Matè Espina

My sisters who have observed the musical elsewhere stated that the Manila staging was rather different and more private since the”cats” were really performing not only on point but in the viewer area. The make-up and the costumes proved awesome บาคาร่า and the dances were only a joy to see. Needless to say, Cats doesn’t possess other musicals’ storyline streams as each song that is major is the introduction of a particular cat and it may look like every other sort show. But however there were a few lull minutes in action, the creation was wonderful that ovation is standing in conclusion. My favorite parts were the amusing and hot Rum Tum Tugger the Cats opening production number and the jazzy Macavity number.

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